March 25, 2015

CV Skinlabs Review

Sorry for the long absence.  My overall health has not been great lately and I needed to take a break for blogging for a bit.  For now I will blog when I feel well, but I won't commit myself to a schedule until I'm well.

As most of my readers know I suffer from chronic migraines.  As if that wasn't enough to handle one weekend in February I experienced random chest pains.  I told my primary doctor and they ran test and everything came back normal.  In early March I wore a holter monitor for 10 days and then developed an allergic reaction to the electrodes.  I was supposed to wear the device for 30 days.  I'm still waiting for the results of the test.

Since going through new treatments for my migraines, medical testing, etc., my skin suffered extremely.  The allergic reaction to the electrodes was awful.  This of course was all on top of dry winter skin.  Thankfully I already had CV Skinlabs Restorative Skin Balm.  I used that on the areas that I had the allergic reaction to the electrodes.

What I did not have yet was their Rescue + Relief Spray.  I purchased this after nearly all the skin on my body just felt overly dry and itchy.  It was like putting out a fire on my body.  Now I'm using it almost every single day.  It's almost like a toner for my body.  I'm using it prior to applying body oils or lotions.  I just love it.  If you feel like your skin is irritated for whatever the reason try this product.  It calms and heals.  I'm going to try it as a face toner/mist after my next migraine treatment as my usual favorites stung after my last treatment.

I highly recommend CV Skinlabs if you have sensitive skin for any reason.  My skin typically isn't sensitive, but due to medical reasons lately it has been.  This is the reason CV Skinlabs was developed.  I'm so thankful for Britta for creating this line!

CV Skinlabs can be purchased directly from their site or from Integrity Botanicals.

All opinions are my own.  This post contains affiliate links.

February 23, 2015

February Empties with Reviews

*PR Samples

Another month has nearly come to an end and with that we are closer to Spring.  I do not know about everyone else, but February was not necessarily a kind month and I'm ready to see her go.

Kind or not products still get used up and days still pass on by so with that let's get to it...

Soaps/Body Wash

Pacha Soap Petal to the Metal with geranium & rosewood (introductory review here): So far out of the Pacha Soaps that I've tried I've enjoyed Petal to the Metal the most.  It has the a very subtle exfoliation and was a wonderful bar to have over the colder January/February months.  I would repurchase.

Hugo Naturals Rose & Sandalwood Fizzy Bath Bomb: I enjoy a good bath bomb every now and then Hugo Naturals makes a very large quality one.  Their bath bomb is 6 oz. and retails for $4.75 on Soap Hope where I purchase them from.  Both a relaxing and enjoyable experience that I plan on treating myself to again.

Nourish Organic Moisturizing Cream Body Wash in Spiced Citrus:  This USDA organic body wash is very moisturizing and great for the colder winter months.  This scent reminds me of both Fall and the holidays.  I've already picked up another Nourish Organic body wash just in a different scent.  Recommend.

Acure Organics Tropical Citrus Argan Oil Castile Soap* (review): One of the three varieties that Acure offers, the Tropical Citrus is my favorite of the two scented versions.  This castile soap is mostly used in my foaming soap recipe around the house.  I've already purchased a replacement from Soap Hope.

Hair Products

Caribbean Solutions Rainforest Citrus Mint Conditioner*:  This conditioner smelled great, but was just not moisturizing enough for my dryer hair type.  Would not purchase.


Zum Rub Dragon's Blood: I finally had to admit to myself that this balm was not for me.  This scent is way too strong and overpowering.  I will not repurchase and I'm tossing out most of this product unused.  I hate to throw away anything but I cannot figure out a way to use this in a way that diminishes the scent.

Badger Certified USDA Organic Headache Soother:  The first of a multitude of headache aromatherapy products I purchased and it served me well.  It's not too strong, but scented enough to take the edge off of some of the headache symptoms you might be experiencing.  At the very least it is a moisturizing balm that smells of peppermint and lavender.  I already have a backup already on hand.  Recommend.  (Consult your physician for medical advice. I am not a medical doctor and nothing I post is to be confused with medical advice.)

Blissoma Scentless Stick Natural Deodorant* (review):  After I posted my recent review, Blissoma informed me that the stiffness that I did not care for had already been addressed in production.  After hearing that I must say that this natural deodorant's performance was already very good so if the application process has been fixed then this would be a great product to have.  After I use up more of the deodorants I've just acquired I look forward to trying the new improved version.  Recommend.

Carefree Organics Prime Protection Aluminum-Free Deodorant Blend* (review):  One of the earlier natural deodorants that I reviewed but lasted me quite a while due to the product hopping that I've done.  This small indie company makes quite an effective natural deodorant that comes in a twist up tube.  Even though it is made with baking soda it is quite moisturizing and thanks to the tea tree oil quite deodorizing and odor neutralizing.  Recommend.


Golden Path Alchemy Awaken Cleanser* (review):  A little goes a very long way with this cleanser and it did effectively remove my makeup during the testing process.  The scent of this cleanser was extremely enjoyable with notes of neroli and citrus.  Recommend.

Blissoma Intense Hydration Tonique:  This toner is so gentle but still effective.  This never dries out my skin and it helps my facial oils absorb when I apply them.  From time to time I also use it as a face/body refresher in the high heat of the day during the summer months and the dryness that the heater brings during the winter months.  Recommend.

Odacite Pure Elements Ma+N Marula-Neroli Serum* (review): The aromatherapy experience of this serum is amazing!  I love neroli so this serum felt like it was made for me.  Marula oil is a very hydrating oil in my personal experience and a little goes a long way.  When I used this as a night time serum/facial oil alone, I woke up with very hydrated skin.  I also used it in pure marula oil and it worked wonderfully.  The mixing combinations are nearly endless especially if you have a collection of facial oils or single oils in your beauty stash.  Recommend.

For such a short month I'm impressed I managed to finish so many things.  No packaging is pictured for the deodorants because I'm recycling them for a future blog post.  Hope February was kind to you and if not it is nearly over now.

As usual all opinions are my own.
This post contains affiliate links.