August 26, 2016

Empties: All about what I've used up

An abundance of empties...

Because it's been a while...

I've been on a quest to finish up products and I haven't been buying much.  I had a small iHerb purchase you can see here on my instagram.  I've also purged a lot from my makeup stash.  Mostly liquids and cream products that were simply too old.  They were not replaced by organic or "natural" products.  Some were not replaced at all and some were replaced by conventional, mainstream drugstore brands.  This is where my last blog post from May is relevant.  Shifting Focus.   I simply chose not to buy organic/green products mainly based on economics.  I did not want to spend $20+ on a bottle of foundation and did not want to have to order online.  After I've had some more time with my drugstore purchases I may review them or I may not.  I have not decided.

My small iHerb order: Kirk's Castile 3 pack, Desert Essence Organics Lemon Tea Tree Shampoo for one of my kids, Desert Essence Travel Size Coconut Body Wash, Desert Essence Travel Size Coconut Hand & Body Lotion, and Nature's Way Feverfew

Acure Moroccan Argan Stem Cell + Argan Oil Shampoo
I think after using this shampoo for nearly 3 years my scalp/hair has finally had enough.  It doesn't seem to keep my hair clean as long as it used to and I was having to shampoo more frequently than I wanted.  It was my tried and true standard for so very long.  For now I'm saying goodbye and will not repurchase.

Acure Leave-In Conditioner (PR Sample)
This product had expired on me and I did not finish it completely.  I guess my hair does not need a leave-in/detangler as I had thought.  When I did use it I did like it.  No need to repurchase as somehow I have another one.

Desert Essence Coconut Shampoo
I really have been enjoying the Desert Essence coconut range lately and like to purchase it when I can find it on a good sale.  I love the scent and this shampoo worked nicely in my hair.  I would repurchase if the price was right.

Everyday Shea Bubble Bath in Lavender
This took me a long time to finish.  It is a huge bottle at 32 oz and I don't take bubble baths very often.  Works great even in hard water and smells lovely.  Shop around online for the best price as it can go on sale.

Earth Science Multi-therapy Oatmeal hand & body lotion (PR sample)
This lotion takes a bit to soak in and if you are in a rush that's a con.  I didn't find myself reaching for it and it took an extra long time to use it up.  I wouldn't repurchase.

Acure Argan Oil + Probiotic Sensitive Facial Cream (Possible PR Sample and/or sent to me in error on an order)
I can't remember if this was a PR sample or if this was sent to me by mistake in one of my Acure orders.  All I know is after trying creams or oils for hydrating my skin I'm in the oil camp with both feet.  I could not finish this at all.  Something is scenting this and not in a good way.  I can't stand the smell.  I wouldn't repurchase. (Looks to be discontinued/reformulated)

Kirk's Original Coco Castile Soap
Already finished one of the bars that I purchased from iHerb.  Really enjoyed it and would buy again.  Nice basic bar of soap.

Rahua Body Shower Gel Travel Size
This is a nice shower gel that I wanted to try out and either got as an add on to an order or paid for the travel size to see what the fuss was all about.  Yes, it's nice.  Yes, it smells good.  Not for the budget conscious individual.

Life-flo Pure Magnesium Flakes
I use this as a bath soak.  It's the next level in magnesium past Epsom Salts.  It also cost a lot more.  Every now and again this is a purchase for me due to muscle aches and migraines otherwise stick to plain Epsom Salts.

Acure Marula Oil (PR Sample)
I prefer facial oils and pure marula oil is a great one.  Acure makes a good inexpensive one.  Recommend.

Organic Bath Co. Nourish Night Face Oil (PR Sample)
This is a higher end face oil featuring a variety of organic hydrating oils.  I used this mainly when my skin was extremely dry.  The cost is higher than single oils and would be a recommended purchase if you were having a targeted skin issue.  Would repurchase if needed.

Jordan Samuel Skin Plie Treatment Cleanser (PR Sample)
Similar to oil cleansing but made easier for the user.  I already have another in my stash.  If I didn't have it I admit I would miss it.  Recommend.

Jordan Samuel Skin HydrOasis (PR Sample)
This is the old formula.  Now replaced by Serum Hydrate.  This was hiding in my stash and needed to be purged.  I have the new Serum Hydrate.  Read my review of HydrOasis here.  Yes, this is not inexpensive but most Vitamin C/Hyaluronic acid serums are expensive.  If you wish to have one of these in your routine Jordan makes a good one.  Recommend.

Desert Essence Natural Neem Toothpaste in Cinnamint
I liked it while I was using it. Do I love it enough to buy it again?  I just don't know.

Schmidt's Bergamot + Lime Deodorant x 2
I again had to melt and pour these into a twist up deodorant tube to make them usable for daily use.  Yes, I know they sell them this way now, but after years of using Schmidt's I'm ready to move on to something easier and less expensive.

Blissoma Scentless Stick Natural Deodorant Travel Size
Very powerful little number but I feel I'm leaving a lot left behind in the tube.  Unsure if I'll repurchase.  Blissoma has a big sale once a year and that's when I would buy a lot of her products.

Wet n Wild MegaLength Mascara
This was one of my first purchases that brought me back into drugstore beauty.  With mascara I feel like I'm paying a lot of money for something I'm only going to use for a short period of time.  I really did enjoy this WNW mascara and would repurchase it.

Wet n Wild MegaProtein Mascara
This was not as nice as the MegaLength formula.  It did not want to dry down and was too wet of a formula.  Would not repurchase.

Silk Naturals Lip Products
-Slick Stick in Swing & Cahoots: the frost was to gritty of a texture on the lips.
-Kisser Slicker in Berry Crush: the color was not flattering on me.

Believe it or not I still have quite a bit of skin care products in my stash.  The first product I could possible see purchasing would be a creamy foaming cleanser.  Any inexpensive recommendations?

I have a Wet N Wild order enroute to me as none of my local Walgreens had what I was looking for.  Would anyone be interested in seeing that?

In the future I will still be sharing empties, small hauls, etc. but they will be a mix of all brands and types of beauty products.  If that's not for you then I understand.

I also may touch on other topics from time to time as this is my personal outlet...

As always,
Naturally Paula 
Naturally Me

May 2, 2016

Shifting Focus

In the near future I will begin shifting the focus of my blog. It will not be 100% green beauty any longer. My own personal lifestyle is no longer 100% green beauty and my goals and life reflect in my blog and always have. Nothing fake about my blog. While green beauty will always have a place in my blog I want to be real. What I consider high end green beauty products will become less of a focus on my site. Over time I have become less impressed with most "high end" brands over more affordable ones. Also, let's get real most of the marketplace/consumer simply cannot afford these products on a daily basis. I'd rather save than splurge. The end results don't seem to have much of a difference in the end except to make you and I more broke. The finance degree collecting dust in my house just won't allow me to make these choices anymore.

I still use around 90-95% green beauty products overall, but I'm not a "purist" as some other bloggers. If I'm no longer the blogger for you then I understand. If you want someone who will breakdown the money for you along the way as well as bring some green beauty into your life and some other lifestyle tips along the way then I might be the blogger for you. It's also not going to cost you $400+ to do your skincare and put your makeup on in the morning either.



I'm still working on changing some graphics on the blog.  Your patience is appreciated.