May 2, 2016

Shifting Focus

In the near future I will begin shifting the focus of my blog. It will not be 100% green beauty any longer. My own personal lifestyle is no longer 100% green beauty and my goals and life reflect in my blog and always have. Nothing fake about my blog. While green beauty will always have a place in my blog I want to be real. What I consider high end green beauty products will become less of a focus on my site. Over time I have become less impressed with most "high end" brands over more affordable ones. Also, let's get real most of the marketplace/consumer simply cannot afford these products on a daily basis. I'd rather save than splurge. The end results don't seem to have much of a difference in the end except to make you and I more broke. The finance degree collecting dust in my house just won't allow me to make these choices anymore.

I still use around 90-95% green beauty products overall, but I'm not a "purist" as some other bloggers. If I'm no longer the blogger for you then I understand. If you want someone who will breakdown the money for you along the way as well as bring some green beauty into your life and some other lifestyle tips along the way then I might be the blogger for you. It's also not going to cost you $400+ to do your skincare and put your makeup on in the morning either.



I'm still working on changing some graphics on the blog.  Your patience is appreciated.

April 29, 2016

April 2016 Empties

*PR Samples

Yes, it's been awhile since I've written a blog post but without fuss or fanfare let's get onto the show.

I posted last month's empties to my Instagram account.  If you don't follow me there here's the link to that post.

The Seaweed Bath Co. Moisturizing Argan Conditioner: I purchased this from Soap Hope a while ago.  Lately I've had a few different hair conditioners open at once and it has taken me a while to finish.  Both my daughter and I used this product.  I like using this when I need a heavier weight conditioner.  Love that it is unscented.  I used it less like a daily conditioner and more like a treatment conditioner.  I would consider repurchasing it in the future.  Recommend.

Nourish Organic Face Toner Rosewater + Witch Hazel (won in a giveaway):  This product performed as expected but something about the scent was just off to me.  This was confirmed when shortly after using it one morning my husband asked what was that smell!?!  This was not a compliment.  Based on the scent profile alone I would not purchase.

Thayers Alcohol-Free Toner in Rose Petal: This super affordable witch hazel toner is a tried and true product.  I've already purchased the unscented version.  There is no need to spend money on expensive toners as this one works just as well as expensive versions.  Highly Recommend.

Herban Lifestyle Skin  Detox Facial Soap*:  I'm using this soap as a body soap as I have so many facial cleansers at the moment.  Works well at cleansing and does not dry out my skin.  Has light exfoliation.  If you prefer a bar for your skin cleanser this might work for you.  I personally rather an oil based cleanser and/or a cream cleanser.  I will not purchase.

Have you tried any of these products?  Agree/Disagree?  Let me know in the comments below.