February 23, 2015

February Empties with Reviews

*PR Samples

Another month has nearly come to an end and with that we are closer to Spring.  I do not know about everyone else, but February was not necessarily a kind month and I'm ready to see her go.

Kind or not products still get used up and days still pass on by so with that let's get to it...

Soaps/Body Wash

Pacha Soap Petal to the Metal with geranium & rosewood (introductory review here): So far out of the Pacha Soaps that I've tried I've enjoyed Petal to the Metal the most.  It has the a very subtle exfoliation and was a wonderful bar to have over the colder January/February months.  I would repurchase.

Hugo Naturals Rose & Sandalwood Fizzy Bath Bomb: I enjoy a good bath bomb every now and then Hugo Naturals makes a very large quality one.  Their bath bomb is 6 oz. and retails for $4.75 on Soap Hope where I purchase them from.  Both a relaxing and enjoyable experience that I plan on treating myself to again.

Nourish Organic Moisturizing Cream Body Wash in Spiced Citrus:  This USDA organic body wash is very moisturizing and great for the colder winter months.  This scent reminds me of both Fall and the holidays.  I've already picked up another Nourish Organic body wash just in a different scent.  Recommend.

Acure Organics Tropical Citrus Argan Oil Castile Soap* (review): One of the three varieties that Acure offers, the Tropical Citrus is my favorite of the two scented versions.  This castile soap is mostly used in my foaming soap recipe around the house.  I've already purchased a replacement from Soap Hope.

Hair Products

Caribbean Solutions Rainforest Citrus Mint Conditioner*:  This conditioner smelled great, but was just not moisturizing enough for my dryer hair type.  Would not purchase.


Zum Rub Dragon's Blood: I finally had to admit to myself that this balm was not for me.  This scent is way too strong and overpowering.  I will not repurchase and I'm tossing out most of this product unused.  I hate to throw away anything but I cannot figure out a way to use this in a way that diminishes the scent.

Badger Certified USDA Organic Headache Soother:  The first of a multitude of headache aromatherapy products I purchased and it served me well.  It's not too strong, but scented enough to take the edge off of some of the headache symptoms you might be experiencing.  At the very least it is a moisturizing balm that smells of peppermint and lavender.  I already have a backup already on hand.  Recommend.  (Consult your physician for medical advice. I am not a medical doctor and nothing I post is to be confused with medical advice.)

Blissoma Scentless Stick Natural Deodorant* (review):  After I posted my recent review, Blissoma informed me that the stiffness that I did not care for had already been addressed in production.  After hearing that I must say that this natural deodorant's performance was already very good so if the application process has been fixed then this would be a great product to have.  After I use up more of the deodorants I've just acquired I look forward to trying the new improved version.  Recommend.

Carefree Organics Prime Protection Aluminum-Free Deodorant Blend* (review):  One of the earlier natural deodorants that I reviewed but lasted me quite a while due to the product hopping that I've done.  This small indie company makes quite an effective natural deodorant that comes in a twist up tube.  Even though it is made with baking soda it is quite moisturizing and thanks to the tea tree oil quite deodorizing and odor neutralizing.  Recommend.


Golden Path Alchemy Awaken Cleanser* (review):  A little goes a very long way with this cleanser and it did effectively remove my makeup during the testing process.  The scent of this cleanser was extremely enjoyable with notes of neroli and citrus.  Recommend.

Blissoma Intense Hydration Tonique:  This toner is so gentle but still effective.  This never dries out my skin and it helps my facial oils absorb when I apply them.  From time to time I also use it as a face/body refresher in the high heat of the day during the summer months and the dryness that the heater brings during the winter months.  Recommend.

Odacite Pure Elements Ma+N Marula-Neroli Serum* (review): The aromatherapy experience of this serum is amazing!  I love neroli so this serum felt like it was made for me.  Marula oil is a very hydrating oil in my personal experience and a little goes a long way.  When I used this as a night time serum/facial oil alone, I woke up with very hydrated skin.  I also used it in pure marula oil and it worked wonderfully.  The mixing combinations are nearly endless especially if you have a collection of facial oils or single oils in your beauty stash.  Recommend.

For such a short month I'm impressed I managed to finish so many things.  No packaging is pictured for the deodorants because I'm recycling them for a future blog post.  Hope February was kind to you and if not it is nearly over now.

As usual all opinions are my own.
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February 18, 2015

Home Alone with Special Guest Blogger Tamara of Rainbow Feet

Tamara of the green beauty blog Rainbow Feet has been kind enough to share with us today a bit of her home alone beauty routine.  I love getting a glimpse into others beauty routines especially their pamper sessions.  I hope you enjoy Tamara's.

Every morning I wake up, quickly wash my face, spritz some floral water, moisturize with a balm or a face oil, brush my hair, a swipe of lipstick and I am out of the door. My evening ritual is a little more exciting, but mainly due to the scents of the products that I use in the shower and after. While I love how quick these routines are, and every single product used on the daily has earned its place and my respect, this is not when the magic happens. The true beauty ritual happens when I am home alone.

I am not entirely sure when this started, but I have this urge to do something more indulgent than your average wash and go, if I have the place all to myself. Products that I use for these little pamper sessions tend to stay the same until something runs out, or I really want to switch things up. Instead of my usual cream or gel cleanser, I like to use a powder version that needs to be mixed with water to form a paste. Marble & Milkweed Rose and Chamomile cleansing grains are made up of oats, rose petals, milk powder, rhassoul clay and chamomile flowers.

The beauty of this product is that it actually doubles up as a face mask. Flower petals, oats and milk gently exfoliate, rhassoul clay draws out the impurities yet leaves skin super soft. I massage the paste into damp skin and leave it on, while I quickly pop to the kitchen to put the kettle on. My infusion of choice is rose buds, there is just something extremely soothing about rose tea, I find the scent extremely relaxing, the delicate refreshing taste makes it an indulgent treat. I leave my roses to brew for about 5 minutes, just the right amount of time to wash off the masque.

 My skin is looking much fresher, pores are less visible and the skin tone is more even. The next step is toner. I am absolutely obsessed with toners, they tend to make or break a routine for me. Elizabeth Dehn for One Love Organics Vitamin D moisture mist not only wins the prize for having the longest name in the history of beauty products that I had the privilege of using, but also for being a real dark horse. I already settled on my favorite toners when I picked this up on a whim, if I am honest, I was expecting it to be pleasant but otherwise unremarkable. Boy was I wrong, this spray is a beauty, the mist is very fine and delicately scented.

There is zero stickiness (which can be a problem with more moisturizing toners), and it is truly hydrating without causing any oiliness. I do find I get most out of this product if it is followed by a face oil or balm straightaway to seal it in. Which brings me to the next step, May Lindstrom I am love face oil. If anyone knows how to create an indulgent beauty product, worthy to be used as part of a skincare ritual rather than just a routine, it is May Lindstrom.

Unfortunately this particular oil will not be with me for much longer, it was a part of a limited collection from last year and I have very little of it left. I have been treasuring this golden hued liquid for its uplifting chocolate rose scent, that always puts a smile on my face. I find it has the perfect texture and weight to be used in a short face massage. It makes my skin all soft and glowy, and puts my mind at ease with its delicious fragrance.

I settle in with my rose infusion and something to read. Before going green I was a serious magazine junkie, I did not miss an issue of Vogue, Marie Claire or Instyle, while most of these glossies have lost their appeal, the new kid on the block Thoughtfully is exactly the type of publication that holds my interest now. Organic beauty, conscious fashion, seasonal recipes, interviews with inspiring people and beautiful photography, I couldn't ask for more. Although I will be getting an e-copy in the future, unless I spot it at my local Whole Foods, for the first issue I decided to have the physical paper copy. While I read I often reach for a lip balm, it is a strange habit, and requires me having a lip balm on my bedside table at all times (preferably in a place where I can pick it up without taking my eyes of a page). De mamiel Rosey Lip balm is the latest resident of this easily accessible place.

You probably have noticed a rose trend going on here, I guess it is a scent that I associate with indulgent relaxation. This lip balm has a rather thin consistency, and it might not feel very emollient to begin with, however it is superb at making lips feel soft and smooth without any stickiness. I also like to use it as a cuticle balm. 

These pamper sessions are never really planned and never last more than an hour, they tend to happen when I have the time and the mood strikes me. They do however always make me feel more content and happy in my own skin.

I would like to thank Tamara for guest blogging for me today.  I've really enjoyed reading about her home alone pamper session.  Do you set aside any "me time" for yourself?  Spot any favorites in Tamara's routine?