September 30, 2015

Review: Nova Scotia Organics

*PR Samples

I typically do not review supplements.  I have had many offers in the past and I've turned them all down.  When Nova Scotia Organics contacted me I decide to give them a try.  Why the change?  They are a USDA certified organic vitamin and supplement company.  The supplements I typically take are on the expensive side and it's because I choose to take a whole food based vitamin.  Since taking this sort of vitamin I've noticed less stomach upset after I take the supplement.  I don't know about you but I'm not fond of having an upset stomach.

Multivitamin on the left and Calcium & Vitamin D3 on the right

I'm not a scientist, doctor, or nutritionist so I will leave it to the experts on the details, but after taking both Nova Scotia Organics Women's Multivitamin & Minerals* and Nova Scotia Organic Calcium & Vitamin D3* I'm happy to report I've had great results.  Both are easy to swallow and left me with no stomach upset.  I do feel like they make a difference when I take on a regular basis. Recommend.

We also tried some freeze dried snacks from Nova Scotia Organics.  When I say we I mean my kids and I.  The freeze dried apples did not even last long enough for me to take a photo for this review and Nova Scotia Organics sent me several packages.  Needless to say the Gala Apple Slices Snacker Pack* were a huge hit in this house.   It was like an entire apple was freeze dried in slice form and then put inside of a pouch.  My eldest nearly inhaled a package in a nano second.  These would make great snacks to keep in a vehicle or for trips.  The second favorite was the Pineapple Chunks Family Snacker*.  It was like eating candy---so delicious!  Who knew dehydrated pineapple was also full of vitamin C?  I didn't until I had some.  40% of your daily value and only 80 calories for the entire bag.  Apparently we're not a huge blueberry household but I still enjoyed these Little Wild Blueberries Snacker Pack*.  I plan on adding them to cereals and hot oatmeals once the weather turns cooler.  I have to admit I did not think I would love the freeze dried fruit as much as I did.  As a mom on the go I can see the advantages of having some of these at the ready.  Recommend.

Have you heard of Nova Scotia Organics?  Do you supplement your diet with vitamins? Do you try to take a whole food or organic supplement?

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September 25, 2015

Late Summer Empties

*PR Sample

Summer is over at last and Fall has arrived.  Time to let go of this box of empties I've collected and share with you what I've used up over the last few months.

Life-flo Pure Magnesium Flakes:  I find magnesium flakes to be more effective than Epsom Salt in treating muscle aches and pains.  I like to use as a bath soak especially when I have a migraine.  I use 1-2 cups per bath.  I already have purchased a replacement.  Find at your local health food stores or at many online retailers.

Kaia Juicy Bamboo Natural Facial Cleansing Cloths*: these facial cleansing cloths were nice to use while I had them, but I found the actual size of the cloth to be a tad small when comparing them to other brands I've used.  Will not be purchasing.

Rustic Maka Skora Calming Fields Natural Soap Bar*: Love the scent of this bar and enjoyed using this bar to the last sliver.  Recommend.

Josh Rosebrook Deep Nourishing Shampoo & Conditioner*: Non-foaming gentle cleansing shampoo for dry hair types.  The matching conditioner is moisturizing and detangles without weighing down my hair.  Not my everyday shampoo and conditioner but one I reach for when my hair and scalp need a bit of TLC.  Recommend.

Acure Cell Stimulating Body Wash Argan Stem Cell + Argan Oil*: A nice everyday body wash with a similar scent to my favorite Acure shampoo.  Cleanses without drying.  Recommend.

Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap in Unscented Baby Mild*: a great base for my Foaming Soap recipe.  Tried and true.  Recommend.

Acure Night Cream*: Great for when you want to take a break from facial oils at night or even great to layer on top of a facial oil.   Acure's night cream is a great last step in your evening skincare routine.   Great for those less dry days of summer and add a drop or two of argan oil to it for those extra dry days of winter.  Recommend.

Myra Aso Lavender Body Cream*:  Lasting longer than a light weight lotion this body cream was easy to apply and has a lovely lavender scent.  Recommend.

Jordan Samuel Skin Dream Oil*: While this oil can be used as both a face and body oil I mainly used it as a face oil.  The scent of  the Neroli and Jasmine absolutes are simply divine.  Recommend.

Zabana Essentials Tangerine Calendula Fizzy Bath Bomb: One of two brands I currently use for my every now and again bath bomb indulgence.  I trust Zabana on their formulation and their ingredients of their bath bombs to leave me relaxed.  Tried, true, and tested.  Recommend.

Osmia Vanilla Shea Hand Cream: Have dry hand that just won't be quenched?  Then try this hand cream.  A little goes a long way to calm your dry skin and it has a lovely vanilla scent.  Recommend.

Olie Biologique 005 Huile Radicale Rejuvenating Oil (sample)*: This lovely multi-purpose oil (I used as a facial oil) was a wonderful treat for my dry skin.  Just as enjoyable as the  Huile Moderne 004 Hydrating Face Oil that I had used in the past.  Recommend.

As usual all opinions are my own.
This post may contain affiliate links.