November 19, 2014

October Empties with Reviews

*PR Samples

What a month it has been!  Ups and downs and my first trade show!  We've got a lot of catching up to do, but before we do the end of the month has come and gone and most of November (whoops).

With so much stuff this month, it was hard to make my "trash" pretty. 

Soaps/Body Wash

Acure Organics Cinnamon Chai Latte Argan Oil Soap*: This body soap is mildly exfoliating and great for the changing seasons.  The macha tea scent is earthy and the most "green" scented of the soaps that they have to offer.  I really enjoyed this bar from the first to last use and would consider purchasing it in the future.

Meow Meow Tweet Beer Shampoo Bar Soap: I use this particular soap to wash my makeup brushes and my son uses as intended.  Currently this bar is being used by him as a shampoo bar.  I stocked up during their most recent sale.  If you are in the market for a shampoo bar/makeup brush cleaner this is one to consider.

Saint Francis Organics NSF Organic Body Wash & Hand Soap*: Has switching to organic & SLS free products have you missing your bubbles? Then try Saint Francis Organics products featuring the soap berry.  I was in awe by the amount of suds this natural surfactant produced.   Soap Berry, a botanical surfactant from the Himalayan Mountains of Nepal, has antimicrobial, anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. I reviewed these products >>here<<.

Hair Products

Acure Organics Moroccan Argan Stem Cell + Argan Oil Conditioner: My tried and true favorite conditioner.  This is a staple product in my collection and I will always have an extra on hand.  So far no other product regardless of price point has made me abandon my Acure conditioner.

Alaffia Shea & Honey Nourishing Shampoo in Citrus Blossom: This was a Whole Foods purchase from their travel section in the health and beauty department.  Marketed for dry and damaged hair this product did nothing for me at all.  According to the directions it will "massage into a rich lather."  This product failed to do so without using large amounts of product.  In a short amount of time my hair was showing signs of drying and the experience of using the product was very disappointing.  Will not repurchase.

Saint Francis Organics NSF Shampoo* (Lemon) & Conditioner* (Lavender): I reviewed these products >>here<<.  I love the shampoo more than the conditioner.  Who knew that soap berries generated so many bubbles?  If you are missing suds since abandoning SLS give this brand a try.

Rare Elements Pure Shampoo* & Essential Lite Conditioner* foil packet samples from Petit Vour* subscription box:  While I much prefer a travel size sample to get a better feeling of how a shampoo & conditioner is going to work out for my hair, my very brief experience with this product was positive.  It cleaned without stripping and the conditioner was very hydrating.  I do not know if I will ever purchase the full size off of this one time experience.

Rahua Voluminous Shampoo & Conditioner foil packet samples included in a Detox Market order: again I love getting samples, but this was not enough to know if the product will wow me long term.  My hair looked great for the few days after I used it and the feel of the product seemed nice.  My main personal preference though is to run far away from volumizing products in the hair department.  I already have thick hair and for that alone I would not repurchase.  I think I need to try Rahua's Original Travel Size Shampoo & Conditioner.

Seaweed Bath Co. Wildly Natural Seaweed Argan Shampoo* and Conditioner* foil packets from Soap Hope sample box:  I've used the Seaweed Bath Co. Shampoo before and enjoyed it.  To be honest it's been so long since sampling the conditioner I do not remember how it preformed.  Again another case of I need to have more of the product for it to make an impact on me.


Wonderment Gardens All Natural Tea Tree Deodorant: This is a local South Dakota brand.  The surprise ingredient to me was Magnesium Powder.  Since I'm most likely deficient in magnesium as a migraine sufferer I figured why not get some topically via my deodorant.  This was a very effective deodorant and I used it mostly in the summertime.  If I happen to see her again locally I will most likely repurchase.

Saint Francis Organics NSF Organic Body Lotion in Peppermint Vanilla*: This is a lovely body lotion and if I do say so myself the perfect scent for the season!  Review >>here<<

Sranrom Urban Wellness Calm Down Hand Cream: received this in a subscription box last year.  I really enjoyed the scent and found this head cream very moisturizing.  For those avoiding Phenoxyethanol this product contains it.  Unsure if I will repurchase.


One Love Organics Pretty Pores Complexion Toning Mist (Limited Edition): I enjoyed the scent of this toner very much, but was unsure if I would have repurchased it when OLO was asking customers what product was their favorite of the summer's limited edition items.  Well, the decision was made to keep the dry shampoo and so I no longer have a decision to make.  Cannot repurchase.

Acure 100% Certified Organic Argan Oil: Loved this argan oil to the last drop.  Mixed it with other facial oils, used it as a hair oil, mixed it into hand creams, used it as a body oil... What did I not use it as?  I will eventually repurchase it, but for the time being I'm using Acure's new Aromatherapeutic Argan Oils.

Jacq's Organics Face Toner in Sweet Orange (travel size): I used this over the summer when I had to travel for a family emergency.  You bring a product you love with you when you are under periods of high stress.  Not only does this toner hydrate this skin it also is very calming with it's scent of fresh cut oranges.  I have no idea how Barbara from Jacq's Organics has managed to bottle that experience, but every time I spritz this toner on my face I feel like I'm cutting into a fresh orange next to her in Miami.  I already have the full size bottle in stock.

Sellwood Soap Facial Oil* (old formula): I don't feel like this review would be an accurate one as the formula is now different to the one that I used.  I did enjoy this, but it was a tad on the heavy side.  That must be why the formula has since changed.

Know Your Ingredients Whipped Shea Butter Mask in Chamomile Lavender (sample):  I used this as a heavy night cream on days my skin is super dehydrated.  It does work and my skin was not greasy in the morning.  I would consider purchasing the full size in the future.

Gressa Skin Balancing Cleanser (foil packet sample): Was very effective in removing the makeup I was wearing.  This is an oil cleansing method type of cleanser.  I would consider purchasing in the future.

W3LL People Expressionist Mascara: Holy grail mascara!  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!  I would re-order right this moment if I didn't have other mascaras in my stockpile to use.  Did not transfer, smudge, clump.

Cowgirl Dirt Finishing Powder sample: It did not mattify my skin at all.  Did not care for and will not purchase the full size.

RMS Beauty lip2cheek Smile sample:  I enjoyed the sample while I used it.  Unsure if I will repurchase as I'm starting to see how long it is taking me to finish a cream blush product.  Would consider purchasing in the future after I empty a blush.

Vapour Atmosphere Foundation sample in shade 100: This is the shade I use from Vapour and I just needed to use up the sample that was laying around.  Already have the full size.

Golden Path Alchemy Skincare Products (Review): Renew Toner*, Kiwi Exfoliating Mask*, Refine Healing Herbal Serum*, and Renew Serum* all finished this past month.  I would repurchase them all.  You can to at a discount.  Use code: Paula and save 25% until the end of the 2014.

Yes, I finished a lot of products this past month.  I continue to do so every month.  The month the empties bag is light I think I might be surprised!

As usual all opinions are my own.

November 18, 2014

Review: Golden Path Alchemy Skincare & discount code!

*PR Samples

I love skincare.  I have to admit that as I've grown older my love for skincare has exploded.  I think it is the routine and ritual of it.  Especially in the evening.  It begs for you to slow down and care for yourself.  Wash the days stress down the drain.  Some days that is harder than others, but for me if I have a skincare line that has elements of aromatherapy then I look to that like as a multipurpose product.  For me Golden Path Alchemy is that skincare line.

I was sent seven items from Golden Path Alchemy and all but three items I've completely finished.  Typically I review products before I've used them completely up, but before I knew it I had consumed them and was left wanting for more.  That's how you know something is great.  You miss it.

With my dry and mature skin (I am in my 40s) I was sent the following products:

Awaken Cleanser* (I was sent the travel size available in this set):  A little goes a very long way with this cleanser and it did effectively remove my makeup during the testing process.  I do now us it as my primary morning cleanser.  The scent of this cleanser is intoxicating. If you enjoy neroli and citrus scents, run do not walk and purchase this.  Works well with the Illuminate Cleansing Grains*.

Illuminate Cleansing Grains*: (I was sent the travel size):  These cleansing grains can be mixed with water, the Awaken Cleanser, honey, tea, or apple cider vinegar.  Whatever your personal preference may be.  I personally like water or cleanser.  These grains give a mild exfoliation to the skin and can be used twice daily as part of your skincare regimen.  I like to use them on days my skin is in need of extra TLC or if I'm wearing heavier makeup to make sure my skin is completely clean.  Chamomile, Rosehips, and Frankincense help scent the grains and make them less "earthy" smelling than other cleansing grains I've used in the past.

Kiwi Coconut Exfoliating Mask*: (I was sent the travel size):  I only got one use out of my sample, but one use was enough.  I'm completely sold.  This exfoliating mask has shot up to the top of my mask list.  If you have dry, dull skin that needs and instant lift BUY THIS!  I felt like I had new skin after using this mask.  Most mask treatments leave me felling like the crypt keeper, not this.  First of all it is extremely hydrating and if you follow the application directions you will be left with soft, smooth and refreshed skin.  Love it. It's on my repurchase list.

Renew Toner*: (I was sent the travel size): I love a good toner.  I'm nearly as toner obsessed as I am facial oil obsessed.  So, what did I think of the Renew toner?  It's in my top 5 of my favorite toners!  It combines flower waters, hydrosols, witch hazel, and essential oils together to make a great toner for my dry skin.  Talk about a great sensory experience!  It works well for prepping the skin for your serums and oils and makes a great mist for refreshing throughout the day.  Must repurchase.

Refine Healing Herbal Serum*: (I was sent the travel size): In my opinion this is a true serum.  This should be used directly after the Renew Toner and before the Renew Serum.  This is especially important to use if you are still experiencing dry/dehydrated skin and you are not using a serum in your current skin care routine.  When you use a non-oil based serum in your skin care between your toner and your oil, it helps lock in moisture.  For years I wondered what I was missing in my routine and this was it.  Also, to save a step you can mix the Refine Healing Herbal Serum together with the Renew Serum and that is your moisturizer ready to apply in one step.  The ratio recommended is 1 pump of Renew Serum to 2 pumps of Refine Healing Herbal Serum, but of course use whatever works for you.

Renew Serum*: (I was sent the travel size): This is what most of use would call a facial serum/oil.  The stars of this oil is Sea Buckthorn Oil, Rosehip Seed Oil, and Jasmine Essential Oil.  I found I only needed a few drops and my skin was hydrated very well.  The scent of this oil was very pleasant and calming.  Great for morning and evening use.  It also worked well under my organic and green makeup.  Being a great collector of facial oils, it is one I would consider repurchasing in the future.

Healing Alchemyst*: (full size): Not skincare, but a blend of flower essences and gem elixirs for health and harmony.  After a consolidation this was recommended to me due to my health issues (migraines).  It has given me comfort during my milder migraines and I will admit I need to use it on a more regular basis.  If you enjoy using flower essences (I do) then I recommend you try Healing Alchemyst.

And for those curious folks, I completely finished:
  • Renew Toner
  • Kiwi Coconut Exfoliating Mask
  • Refine Healing Herbal Serum
  • Renew Serum
I think that's a lot for a gal who has a TON of skincare on hand.  It will probably be a matter of moments and the cleanser & grains will be gone too...

Overall, I have to say I'm very impressed with all the offerings I've tried from Golden Path Alchemy.  Have any of you tried their line of products?

Ready to try Golden Path Alchemy? Use Code: Paula and save 25% off your order through 12/31/14!

As usual all opinions are my own.