January 16, 2014

#NoBuyJanuary Skip Day!

Well, I'm a mom before I'm a blogger!  This weekend is a holiday weekend in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. and my kids have an extended weekend.  My son has a 4 day weekend and we'll be spending the day together baking, going to kitchen stores, and grocery stores.  If you've been following me on Twitter you've seen some of my latest baking experiments and my son likes to be my sous chef.

In an effort to eat less chemicals I'm going back to the basics.  Baking things myself.  I've come to realize that in the past I've done most of my bread baking in the warmer months and winter baking in a colder climate has it's own unique challenges.  I'm determined to figure this out and with the help of social media, I'm sure I can get it done :)

So any expert home bread bakers out there?  My main weapon of choice is my Kitchen Aid stand mixer.  I'm not going to go buy a bread machine.  The point is to do mainly with what I have (for the most part-I'll buy a tool or two).

My 1st attempt baking in the winter in my new cold climate state.

Taste fine. I just want a taller loaf so the kids can use my homemade bread as a sandwich bread for their school lunches.

My issues were rising time was super long.  I ended up having to use the warm oven method to rise my dough.  My kitchen was just too cold.  If I would have done this in the first place then the entire bread making process would not have taken so long.  The bread did double in size so I think the particular recipe I used just would not have made a tall loaf.  I used the basic white bread recipe that comes with the Kitchen Aid Mixer.

More tips/tricks for my winter problems (cold/cool kitchen) and getting the dough to rise:

High Altitude Baking (I'm at approximately 3,250 ft elevation)

Does anyone have a tried and true bread recipe? 

I've been pinning recipes like a crazy person: My Pinterest Food Board

Have a great weekend!

And for the beauty bloggers: Still doing great for the No Buy January thing.   


  1. My hubby makes bread a lot (but cheats a bit by mixing it up in a bread machine we got as a wedding pressie ages ago) My favourite so far has been his beer bread. x

  2. Great job Paula :) Bread is one thing I want to start making regularly.Going to check out your recipes on Pinterest.

  3. Bread making is not my forte. I really wish it was as nothing beats the taste of home made bread x

    1. I've never encountered the issues baking bread like I did this last time. Apparently baking bread in the winter has it's own set of issues. I'm going to figure it out and the link I posted looks to address all of the problems I had. YouTube has a lot of good great bread making videos as well. As long as I don't have to hand kneed dough I'm good :)

  4. I love home made bread! Even if they didn't raise as much as it should have, they still look incredibly tasty! Far better then my home-made bread attempts haha x